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Thimon looks beyond the gimmicks of what the future might hold and considers how it will actually affect our lives, our jobs and our customers. He is an experienced trend specialist and consultant who puts societal changes and the dynamic behaviour of people in a strategic business perspective. He captivates national and international audiences with his passionate, energetic and valuable presentations.


Thimon de Jong is an expert in changing human behaviour, societal and cultural trends and the effects they have for businesses and nations. He runs his own think-tank and consultancy delivering strategic insight to all types of organisation, from Morgan Stanley to Land Securities to Microsoft, on the key trends that will affect people - be they customers or employees. He also lectures at the social psychology department of Utrecht University.

Formerly Director of Insight and Strategy at Dutch trends interpretation agency TrendsActive, Thimon looks at the changes in gender, society and demographics to predict what organisations will have to deal with to stay ahead.

Thimon examines how social trends, technology and culture influence human behaviour and how this should influence and inform the behaviour of businesses whether looking at their consumers, their employees or their overall strategy. Working with bespoke research, he incorporates information from a wide range of disciplines. He explores the latest academic research and ways of applying the information to assist client organisations achieve the best in marketing, strategy and product design. Thimon also discusses how society is suffering from a mental health crisis and considers what it reveals about Western culture and modern generations. He looks at how our perception of wellbeing is changing the workplace, as well as possible solutions to the crisis.

An energetic, enthusiastic speaker, Thimon has spoken for companies and at conferences all over the world. His speeches aim to provide a revealing insight into the future we all will live in. He also provides audiences with practical advice on how to utilise the trend information at their fingertips, enabling them to revolutionise their business.

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After a few moments being mesmerised by his Dutch accent, you realise that it isn’t just Thimon’s delivery that demands your attention. It’s his content. He has an extraordinary ability to deconstruct and explain our behaviour, and show companies how to get ahead of the curve. Suddenly the data start to look like potential customers. Whether or not you’re a digital evangelist (I’m not), you’ll come away with invaluable takeaways. JLA Agent Paul Warran

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