Brass Volcanoes

Brass Volcanoes

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Funky New Orleans Brass

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Inspired by the traditional bands of New Orleans, Brass Volcanoes combine trumpets, saxophones and drums to produce a feel-good sound that also draws on funk, blues and soul. Solos and riffs ensure that no two shows are the same.


Mixing trumpets, saxophones and drums, Brass Volcanoes are professional jazz musicians who create fabulous arrangements of popular tunes on the spot. Ideas, solos and riffs are thrown around so that no two performances are the same. 

The idea of the modern jazz brass band developed from the original parade bands over a century ago. They were, and still are, essential to any form of celebration in New Orleans. Over time new rhythms were added to the original marches, absorbing new styles of music including Latin rhythms, funk, blues, soul and rock. 

The Brass Volcanoes are inspired by a long tradition, but remaining at their heart is the desire for everyone to have a good time.

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