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Zoë Aston

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Psychotherapist, Author & Mental Health Expert

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In her work with individuals and a wide range of brands and companies, Zoë explores the mental activities and practices similar to the physical activities required for good physical health. Like our physical health, we often have psychological strengths and weaknesses, and we need to work and rest to recover from injury and build resilience. Whilst the work may not always be easy or comfortable, it leads to longer-term good health as well as better decision-making and an improved ability to face challenging times.


Zoë Aston is a therapist, writer and mental health consultant who has helped individuals and organisations understand and develop mental health programmes and build supportive, resilient cultures.

In her book Your Mental Health Workout, Zoë explores the exercises and tools that place good mental health alongside the sort of activities required for good physical health. Like our physical health, we often have strengths and weaknesses, and no two people are quite alike in their reaction to challenges or injuries. Also like physical wellbeing, aspects of our mental health need greater focus or different types of treatment; we need to acknowledge when something’s not right, and that recovery may be uncomfortable. With the right care and attention, some hard work and some support from others, we can not just be psychologically healthy, but also stronger, more resilient, and better prepared to face the decisions and questions that come our way.

As well as helping groups and individuals with their mental health, Zoë also aims to de-stigmatise conversations around mental health and make it an everyday subject people are comfortable with. She has worked with fitness and wellbeing brands on how to effectively incorporate mental health into what they do. In private practice her work has covered work-related stress and anxiety to dealing with trauma, addiction, relationship issues and eating disorders.

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