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Vincent Franklin

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Communications Expert & Actor

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Vince Franklin has two diverse, yet surprisingly well-matched careers. As an actor, he has played managers, spin doctors and sales speakers in Twenty Twelve, The Thick of It and The Office. As a communications expert he has helped multinational businesses understand the importance of clear communication with both staff and customers. With entertaining examples of the right and wrong way of doing this, Vince tells organisations how to deliver an attractive, engaging message as well as the power a personal story has to inspire trust and explain complex details.


Vincent Franklin has two careers which have, on occasion, eerily mirrored each other. As a communications expert, he has spent much of his life telling brands how to better communicate their messages both internally and to prospective customers. As an actor, he is perhaps best known for his roles as Tory spin doctor Stewart Pearson in The Thick of It and Head of Contracts Nick Jowett in Olympic sit-com Twenty Twelve.

Incorporating his writing and acting skills, Vince delivers entertaining presentations on the power of language to both inform and confuse, especially in the worlds of communications (both internal and external) and marketing. Mocking some of the needlessly convoluted, esoteric terms and management-speak used throughout business he highlights how to simplify, provoke and achieve.

He considers the type of language a brand uses, the assumptions people make about it, and why a serious company looking to engender trust shouldn’t be overly familiar in an attempt to speak to their customers like normal people. He also explains the value of stories in leadership and when attempting to change the culture of a business and aid understanding and co-operation between departments. Vince advises financial services companies, government departments and a range of brands including VW, Fortis and HSBC. He considers what needs to be said, how it should be said, and what’s stopping people from doing it.

Vince’s acting career has seen him work with acclaimed directors Mike Leigh and Jane Campion and appear in The Bourne Identity and Doc Martin. He starred in BBC drama Bodyguard, Happy Valley, Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, and Channel 4’s multi-channel drama Cucumber-Banana-Tofu. Along with his roles in The Thick of It and Twenty Twelve, Vince also played sales/motivational speaker Rowan in The Office, who saw his session hijacked by David Brent and his guitar.

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