Theresa Payton (US)

Theresa Payton (US)

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Former White House Chief Information Officer

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One of America’s most respected authorities on cybersecurity, online fraud and associated areas, Theresa was responsible for the safe transmission and storage of some of the most sensitive data in the world. She examines the nature of the digital threats to states and companies, how to mitigate them, the role of technology and people in security, and what the future might hold.


Theresa Payton served as the White House Chief Information Officer during a period of unprecedented technological change, and threat. The first woman to ever hold the post, she was responsible for huge amounts of sensitive and personal data transmitted by and submitted to the President and over 3,000 staff.

One of America's most respected authorities on internet security, net crime, fraud mitigation, as well as big data and technology implementation, Theresa has also worked in federal government, and in banking technology at Bank of America and Wells Fargo.

The spectre of a cyber-attack is one of the most urgent concerns confronting any national or organisational IT infrastructure. As vast amounts of data is gathered, analysed and stored, and ever new ways of accessing it are developed, Theresa understands better than most how to deal with and pre-empt the threats. With years of experience in high-level private and public IT leadership roles, she delivers solutions that strengthen cybersecurity measures and neutralise e-criminals.

Theresa gives audiences far-reaching lessons on how to protect the millions who use the internet almost constantly as well as the organisations on the frontline of fending off rapidly evolving, infrastructure-crippling cyberattacks. She considers where the threats come from, their nature, underlines the value of of even the most innocuous seeming information, and reveals the flaws criminals can exploit.

The founder and CEO of her own a security, risk, and fraud consulting company, Theresa lends her expertise to organisations large and small, helping them improve their information technology systems against emerging, amorphous threats. She has been named b
y Security Magazine as one of the 25 Most Influential People in Security. A regular commentator on technology and cybersecurity issues in the media, Theresa is also the author of two books making the subject understandable and relevant to non-IT professionals, Privacy in the Age of Big Data and Protecting Your Internet Identity: Are You Naked Online? She’s also appeared as the Deputy Commander of Intelligence on the US reality show Hunted.

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Book written by Theresa Payton (US)
Book written by Theresa Payton (US)