Susannah Schofield OBE

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Former Commercial & Innovation Director, Royal Mail

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Susannah built businesses and created innovation as part of the Royal Mail brand. She’s since set up and sold a small business, advised the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills, and devised the Dice Matrix business model – set out in detail in her book Mind The Gap. Susannah explains how to stress test for weaknesses, compare internal and customer perspectives, identify critical actions and play to your strengths.


As the leading industry expert in strategic selling through fact based business modeling, Susannah Schofield specialises in delivering growth through real time business insight.

Susannah is Editor-in-Chief of Key Women in Business (KWIB), providing business content for entrepreneurial and business oriented women living or working in the South East and London. She also owns KWIBY, a program aimed at helping young people become work-ready through various schemes and business networks. In addition she is the founder of PitchDDM, a mobile app designed to built social media communities of football fans which connects to the clubs themselves.

As Commercial & Innovation Director, Susannah was also responsible for setting up micro-businesses within the Royal Mail Group. Previously she was Deputy Sales Director responsible for sales targets in what has become one of the most competitive business sectors. In a range of roles at the postal service, Susannah has led a team of 300 with the remit to establish Royal Mail as the delivery supplier of choice, primarily with SMEs all over the country. She achieved this whilst also balancing a drive for profit with the scrutiny and regulation that comes with being part of the state postal service. Her work also evolved into a business strategy book, Mind The Gap, and a consultancy firm based on her ‘Dice Matrix’ business model which looks at how data is used to shape business decisions and strategy.

As well as lessons in leadership, sales and innovation, Susannah also speaks about building a business, motivating a team, and women in business. From her experience with SMEs and her Dice Matrix model, she highlights the six areas any business needs to consider from both an internal and a customer perspective.

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