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Luke has competed in more than 60 marathons and mountain races – claiming not to be a natural runner, he constantly pushes his own limits. Drawing lessons from the Amazon and the freezing wastes of the Yukon, Luke’s presentations illustrate how he tackles fear and failure, and stays tenacious. The secret is to keep one eye on the short term and the other firmly fixed on long term goals.


An ‘ultra marathon’ is any sporting event that involves running longer than the traditional twenty six miles. They either cover a specific distance (fifty or a hundred miles for example) or they take place over a specified time (twenty-four hour races or multi-day events of a thousand miles or more). Many ultra marathons, especially ‘trail challenges’ are run on dirt tracks, through jungles or up mountains. Inclement weather, elevation change and rugged terrain all add to the fun.

Luke Cunliffe, a glutton for punishment, has competed in over sixty marathons, ultra-marathons and mountain races. With each one he searches out harsher conditions and pushes himself to new limits. By his own admission, he is no natural athlete; but he has learned to compete at the highest level. His technique is to review and analyse each race, focusing on the key areas of strategy, tactics, equipment, nutrition and psychology. This attention to detail means that the next time he knows he will be better able to race competitively against the world’s best.

When not testing his trainers to destruction, Luke writes for magazines such as Runners’ World and Men’s Health. His numerous television and radio appearances include NOW Sport, BBC Radio 5 Live and LBC Radio.

Luke has now combined his experiences and extraordinary self-discipline to develop a series of motivational business speeches and executive training programmes. He explains that through the application of sound strategy, good planning and a determined approach we are all able to achieve success. His mission is to help people believe in themselves so that they can step outside their comfort zone and succeed.

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