Bonita Norris

Bonita Norris

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Record-breaking Adventurer

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The youngest person to reach both the summit of Everest and the North Pole, Bonita shares her lessons from taking on some of the toughest challenges. From never giving up to how to set and achieve your goals, her engaging presentations inspire audiences as well as equipping them to take on their own gruelling tests.


The youngest person to reach both the summit of Everest and the North Pole, Bonita Norris is one of the UK's leading adventurers. She went from novice climber to the world’s highest peak in just two years, and has since taken on some of the toughest expeditions possible.

As well as Everest, Bonita has conquered Lhotse, part of the Everest massif and the fourth highest peak in the world. In doing so she became the first British woman to reach the summit. Her book,
The Girl Who Climbed Everest looks at the lessons in harnessing self-belief that she learned facing up to the world’s toughest and most dangerous expeditions.

Bonita recounts taking on the apparently impossible, never giving up, and always looking to the next challenge. She explains the lessons she’s learned as an ordinary person doing extraordinary things, from personal leadership to endurance, moving outside your comfort zone to achieving goals through marginal gains.

In inspirational and though-provoking presentations, and accompanied by stunning images from her expeditions, Bonita asks audiences to consider their aims and challenges and shares how she overcame the seemingly insurmountable.

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Overcoming the Naysayers


Book written by Bonita Norris