Keith Antoine

Keith Antoine

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Athletics Coach

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Keith has coached junior and senior runners in both Olympic and Paralympic competition – including the 2012 men’s amputee 4x100m team. His athletes won one gold and two silver medals in London. Bringing his sporting know-how together with a background in management training, Keith shares techniques to build trust between one another – like a relay team. Getting audiences on their feet, he shows how they can develop the will to improve their performance.


As an Olympic and Paralympic coach, Keith Antoine’s focus is on performance improvement, both on a personal level and within teams. It comes when people clearly understand what they need to do, and have the resolve to get on and do it.

Keith has held numerous national coaching positions, working with juniors, seniors, men and women 100m, 200m and 400m runners. He has trained Denise Lewis, Iwan Thomas and Jamie Baulch, and acted as personal coach to Katharine Merry, Allison Curbishley and Darren Campbell. He prepared the men’s amputee 4x100m relay team for London 2012 as well as coaching gold medalist Richard Whitehead and silver medalist Stef Reid. Keith also coached Richard to his gold and silver medals in Rio.

Alongside coaching, Keith has also worked for multi-nationals in the IT industry - during growth and recession, mergers and acquisition. He’s been involved in project management and training programmes, as well as personal development and experiential learning.

Combining his experience in management training and athletics, Keith delivers high-energy motivational presentations. As in his book Working Together, he provides a framework to help delegates build trust between one another (like a relay team), and develop the will to improve their own performance. He gets entire audiences out of their seats and physically involved.

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