Dr Linda Papadopoulos

Dr Linda Papadopoulos

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Psychologist & Commentator

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One of the highest-profile psychologists in the UK, Linda's work on self-image has informed everything from government policy to marketing campaigns. As an academic, author and consultant she also looks at wider issues of professional and personal change, what motivates us, and understanding what our goals are. From peer-pressure and social media to work-life balance and dealing with uncertainty, Linda examines how to work towards happiness, balance and fulfilment in an insightful and accessible way.


Dr Linda Papadopoulos is one of the best-known and well-respected psychologists in the UK. An author, broadcaster and academic, she combines professional research on human behaviour and trends with the ability to deliver advice and insights in accessible, relevant ways. Linda has worked in the NHS, advised government, and worked with businesses examining areas from communication and branding to body image to general mental health and wellbeing.

Tackling a wide range of psychological, behavioural and wellbeing themes, Linda looks at how we see ourselves in the modern world. From the pressures of career and family life to dealing with uncertainty, she examines how we can maintain focus as well as a healthy balance in our lives. She considers what happiness means, and what motivates us, for right and wrong, in our personal and professional lives. She explores how we identify what changes we want to make, and how understanding the nature of that change helps us move towards it. And she reflects on themes like vulnerability and how to admit to and share problems without letting those problems dominate or become our identity.

Linda’s books have covered both academic and popular approaches to psychology with titles including Unfollow: Living Life on Your Own Terms and Whose Life Is It Anyway? She has often focused on the effects of social and peer pressure, expectations and stress in both personal and professional lives. She has applied her work in self-image and psychodematology to heath and beauty brands, as well as consulting with businesses on mental health, leadership, confidence and diversity.

After appearances on the early series of Big Brother (when the programme took a more serious approach to the effects of confinement and stress), Linda became the resident psychologist on The Big Breakfast. Soon after, she joined Cosmopolitan as a Contributing Editor with her monthly I’m Listening column. Since then she has delivered psychologic insights on programmes from Tomorrow’s World to Britain’s Worst Driver, Tonight with Trevor McDonald to The Wright Stuff. She’s a regular news contributor on BBC, CNN and Sky, has presented a regular happiness and wellbeing segment on This Morning, and has fronted a series of true crime programmes.

Away from the media, Linda has led a large-scale study into the psychological effects of skin disease in collaboration with dermatologists from St Thomas’ Hospital, London. She has been published widely in the field of Counselling and Medical psychology, and has been invited to give specialist lectures at universities and medical schools around the world.

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