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Author, Broadcaster & Sustainability Expert

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Leo explores the big ideas that will shape business and society in the years to come and considers how the world might respond. From revolutions in energy and transport to predictive policing and an end to language barriers, the co-founder of Sustainable Finance specialises in mapping out unexploded volcanoes – charting the collisions of megatrends that are going to create seismic disruption.


Leo Johnson co-presents Radio 4’s flagship series FutureProofing, exploring the big ideas and innovations reshaping business and society. He explores the cutting edge in exponential technology, probing game changers both short term and long, from autonomous transport and payment by data to radical life extension, quantum computing, and the RFID chipped workforce. What - in the tsunami of exponential technology - is real and what is hype? More importantly, what is the impact going to be on business?

After Oxford and INSEAD, Leo joined the World Bank as a Resource Economist before co-founding the boutique advisory firm Sustainable Finance, since acquired by PwC Group. He is now a Visiting Business Fellow at Oxford University's Smith School of Enterprise & the Environment, a judge on the Financial Times’ Boldness in Business awards, and a regular presenter for BBC World. TV credits include Changing the Rules, Down to Business, One Square Mile and World Challenge.

Leo is an occasional commentator for the Financial Times, New Statesman, Evening Standard and Wall Street Journal. He also co-authored Turnaround Challenge: Business & the City of the Future.

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Leo convinces you straight away of the importance of ‘future-proofing.’ It’s no mean feat to marry business priorities with the demands of sustainability. He does it with boundless Johnson charm, positivity and real insight backed up by fascinating case studies. I’ve never seen a more entertaining and thought provoking way to set out the challenges and eye up the possible solutions. JLA Agent Anthony Assadourian

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