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Former Red Arrows Pilot

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A former RAF fighter pilot and Executive Officer of the Red Arrows, Justin gives an extraordinary account of high-performance culture, looking at the drivers of excellence in high-risk environments. He has taken these lessons into the business world, working for over 15 years as a consultant delivering insights into the structure of world class teams, covering strategic ambiguity and agility, safety culture, decision-making, leadership and teamwork.


For six years Justin flew an RAF Tornado F3, taking part in numerous deployments including United Nations peacekeeping operations. He was awarded the Wilkinson Sword for Outstanding Leadership and became a Commander, qualified to lead any scale of mission in any theatre.

After frontline service, Justin was selected for the Red Arrows. He served a full three year term and performed at over 250 displays around the world, rising to Deputy Team Leader and Executive Officer. Since leaving the RAF Justin has worked in business, including early-stage investment, and has developed a successful training programme based on the fighter pilot’s mission cycle. The purpose is to identify the transferable skills which help pilots turn strategy into reality, and close the gap between expectation and performance.

Justin’s presentations and workshops focus on leadership, teamwork, accountability and commitment. Drawing clear parallels with the commercial world, Justin outlines the planning behind air missions, the purpose of debriefing, and the need for continuous improvement. He looks at the psychology and behaviours that influence decision-making, especially under pressure or in uncertain and ambiguous situations, and how a high performing, resilient team comes together, both in person and virtually. Accompanied by remarkable Red Arrows footage, he also demonstrates the critical importance of clear, effective communication.

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