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Joe Simpson

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Author, Touching The Void

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A terrifying climbing accident in the Andes took Joe to the brink of death. His story of survival and comradeship has since captivated millions in the film Touching The Void. Joe explains to delegates how making the right decisions, in the right place at the right time, can make the difference between succeeding and dying. Careful planning, effective teamwork, goal setting, coolness under pressure and self-belief are vital factors: “It’s about choice, not chance.”


Touching The Void, Joe Simpson’s account of his near-fatal mountaineering accident, whilst climbing in The Andes, became an international bestseller and BAFTA Award-winning film.

His tale of two friends, thrown into a nightmare of life and death choices and heartbreaking decisions, captured the imaginations of readers who had never been near a mountain. The pain, terror and human dilemmas were recognisable to everyone and the themes of trust, friendship and endurance were universal.

Born in Malaysia, Joe began climbing at the age of fourteen in the Alps, and has since taken part in expeditions to Nepal, the Peruvian Andes, Karakoram and Himalayas. His mountaineering exploits have inspired him to write six books, including a novel.

Now a leading motivational speaker, Joe uses his experiences and, in particular, the events recounted in Touching The Void, to illustrate universal messages that have a resonance with business audiences throughout the world.

Joe’s articulate, down-to-earth and humourous style makes his presentation accessible and memorable. Feedback has been universally positive and Joe has been met with captivated audiences and standing ovations. No special knowledge of mountaineering is needed to understand the inspiring messages within his story.

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