Jahkini Bisselink (The Netherlands)

Jahkini Bisselink (The Netherlands)

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Trends and Gen Z Expert 

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At eighteen years old, Jahkini was elected to be the Dutch Youth Representative at the United Nations, where she was invited to speak about meaningful youth representation in global policy making. Now she is a youth expert at Whetston strategic foresight, and continues her work researching trends amongst generation Z.


Jahkini Bisselink joined Whetston strategic foresight as a youth expert. Her focus is on future trends, how can we expect people to behave and what this will mean for leadership and business strategy. She is a former United Nations Youth Delegate and now continues her work researching trends amongst her own generation, Generation Z. She worked with clients like Deutsche Telekom and the European Parliament.

Jahkini’s strong suit is that she is able to give an authentic insight in the world of her own generation: Gen Z, whilst clearly understanding how to translate this knowledge into business take-aways.

In her role as a UN Youth Delegate, she has spoken with over four thousand young people in the form of consultations and travelled from New York to Geneva to let their voice be heard. Born in Amsterdam to a Dutch mother and a father from Guyana, Jahkini was politically aware from a young age.

At the age of eighteen she gave her first speech during the General Assembly of the United Nations, and over the years she has developed into a speaker who can bring a fresh breath of air to the stage.

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