Magnus Lindkvist (Sweden)

Magnus Lindkvist (Sweden)

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Trendspotter and Futurist

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Magnus is an active TED member with a background in management consultancy and film-making. Today he sees his role as mixing quantifiable business facts with a visionary perspective. In presentations (which are designed “to produce ahs, ha-has and ahas”) he argues that we need to exercise our imagination to prepare us for challenges lurking around the corner. But as in his book When The Future Begins, Magnus also points to typical futurological fallacies.


Magnus Lindkvist is a trendspotter and futurologist and an active member of TED - the world's leading trends forum. He also heads an influential Swedish agency.We used to think tomorrow would be more or less like today and we were often right. Not any more, according to Magnus. Whilst the brain is wired to think in a linear way, we are living in exponential times in which we need to harness our imagination to prepare for the opportunities and challenges that lie just around the corner.

For example, with the rise of ‘creative’ consumers like bloggers and tweeters, Magnus believes business has to offer customers a piece of the action: ‘profit for effort.’ If they create something, be it a viral campaign or ideas to improve your service, they will want a reward - whether it’s recognition or money (or both).

Looking further ahead, he sees our children enjoying cheaper, more efficient energy. Magnus thinks that the current fears of ‘peak oil’ will come to be seen as no more than a curious example of turn-of-the-century pessimism. He shows how a genome pioneer is developing one potential solution, by using bacteria to create high-octane diesel droplets.

A management consultant and filmmaker by background, Magnus mixes quantifiable business facts with the visionary art of ‘futurology.’ In his own words, his presentations are designed to generate ‘ahhs, ha-has and ahas.’



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With a dry Nordic dry wit and a multimedia presentation that makes you feel like you’re in a theatre, Magnus challenges our way of thinking about the future. While evolving technologies will have a huge impact, from ‘nanobots’ to new sources of energy, he turns many of our assumptions on their head and paints a reassuring picture of a human race confidently adapting to change. JLA Agent Jessica Prior

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Book written by Magnus Lindkvist (Sweden)
Book written by Magnus Lindkvist (Sweden)
Book written by Magnus Lindkvist (Sweden)