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Associate Editor, The Times

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After chairing the Young Social Democrats, Daniel became an advisor to Hague and Major. He aligned himself with Cameron, Osborne and Gove, and now sits as a working Peer with a particular emphasis on urban regeneration and infrastructure. Still writing on politics (and football) for The Times, Daniel sees the Big Society as central, even if the term has been abandoned. He argues that social responsibility does not rely on Government intervention.


Daniel Finkelstein is a columnist and Associate Editor of The Times, responsible for the digital edition. He is also a member of the Lords and an advisor to the Conservative Party.

Danny began his career as Chair of the Young Social Democrats, a group of whom went on to join the Conservatives. After serving as director of a Westminster think tank focusing on social policy, he became a political advisor to John Major and then William Hague, and was awarded an OBE. He has since aligned himself to modernisers like Cameron and Gove.

Following a brief spell in data communications, Danny joined The Times, started their blog and worked his way up to the leader columns. He also writes a highly regarded and very distinctive statistics-based football review, and pens regular columns for The Jewish Chronicle.

As a prominent commentator, Danny’s talks provide a sharp and entertaining insight into the political scene. He originally likened the Coalition to American college fraternities: “The more humiliating, the more people wanted to join.”

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Danny has his audience in stitches with his collection of ‘Rules for Politics.’ I especially like the analogy with hotel towels – and what MPs can learn from footballers. As you’d expect, he also provides a great insight into who’s up to what (and why) in the Westminster village. As much of a joy to watch as he is to work with, Daniel has heads bobbing in agreement right from the off. JLA Agent Rory Wilson

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