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Ann Daniels

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Polar Explorer

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With no experience of extreme sport, Ann found herself applying to join a polar expedition. She has since ski-ed to both Poles, completed more than 10 expeditions and spent over 400 days on the ice. She has also led scientific expeditions to study the changes in the Polar regions. Ann describes how she's endured the harshest of climates and most unpredictable of circumstances with lessons and insights into leadership, teamwork, planning and belief.


Ann Daniels is record-breaking polar explorer. A former bank employee, with little experience of outdoor pursuits, she worked to be selected from over 200 female applicants to undertake her first assault on the North Pole 20 years ago. Since then she has become one of Britain’s leading woman explorers with a wealth of lessons, insights and experiences in leadership, teamwork and self-belief.

After her first trip to the North Pole, Ann then went on to trek to the South Pole, and later became the first woman ever to join all female teams in ski-ing to both Poles. They suffered carbon monoxide poisoning and were hit by three storms so severe they were unable to erect their tent - but they still achieved their goal.

Ann has worked with both Nasa and European Space Agency scientists in missions to analyse how the Polar regions are changing. She has completed more than 10 expeditions and spent over 400 days on the ice, endured temperatures of -50C and sledge-hauled over 2,000 miles. She illustrates the importance of strong leadership, teamwork and persistence - how to encourage the right attitude, set targets, manage changing circumstances and overcome the odds.

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