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With no experience of extreme sport, Ann found herself applying to join a polar expedition. She has since become part of the first women’s team in the world to walk to both Poles, and is part of the Catlin Arctic Survey, a project to measure the thickness of the Arctic ice cap. Ann describes the sheer joy of pushing out of her comfort zone and the lessons learned, like never asking someone to do something you wouldn’t do yourself.


A former bank employee, Ann Daniels led the first all female team in the world to ski to both Poles. They suffered carbon monoxide poisoning and were hit by three storms so severe they were unable to erect the tent - but they still achieved their goal.

Ann has now undertaken a project to measure the thickness of the North Pole ice cap, leading her team over 1000 miles of frozen Arctic Ocean. The survey will collect detailed information to help scientists determine how long the ice cap will last, and assist governments in preparing for the consequences of its meltdown.

Ann adapts every speech to her audience. She illustrates the importance of strong leadership, teamwork and persistence - how to encourage the right attitude, set targets, manage changing circumstances and overcome the odds.

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