Alan Chambers MBE

Alan Chambers MBE

Expedition Leader


The former Royal Marine (aka The Arctic Tractor) led the first unsupported UK expedition from Canada to the geographic North Pole. After taking disaffected children to Africa in The Hottest Classroom On Earth, the Fastest Classroom and the Wettest Classroom followed for Channel 4. He’s also written a book with Lewis Moody. In his presentations Alan emphasises the need to question norms, build 100% trust and make decisions based on the facts. He also advocates leading from behind.


Alan Chambers served with the Royal Marines in the most extreme climates, from the Arctic to the desert, the jungle and remote mountain ranges. Then, after years of planning, preparation and fundraising, he led the first British team to walk without any support services from Canada to the Geographic North Pole.

The walk on ice lasted a gruelling seventy days. Suffering near starvation and a dwindling fuel supply to cover 500 miles in the worst polar weather recorded in 100 years, they achieved what many said was impossible. It demanded an extraordinary level of commitment, focus and teamwork. Alan was awarded the MBE as a result.

Alan relates his experiences to business audiences with wonderful clarity, outlining how the values which helped them reach the North Pole apply in any competitive environment. He demonstrated this with the England rugby squad before their assault on the 2003 World Cup, and again two years later when he addressed the national cricket team before they went on to win the Ashes.

Alan now takes business leaders on polar expeditions. He believes in leading from behind, watching the team. His mantra revolves around meticulous preparations, taking tough decisions, managing emotions and questioning conventional thinking.

Alongside Ed Coats, Alan Chambers is planning to close the chapter on one of the most famous ever endeavours - following in Captain Scott's footsteps..

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When you first meet Alan his expression is so deadpan it’s hard to believe he motivates people in such large numbers. See him in front of an audience and he’s utterly captivating. You suddenly realise how he’s able to lead groups of big egos through the harshest environments in the world. And you’ve got to admire a man who takes his 10-year old son on a trip to the North Pole! JLA Agent Barbara de Lacy

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