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Allister Frost

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Former Head of Digital Marketing, Microsoft

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Allister was Microsoft’s first ever Head of Digital Marketing and is an expert in leading business transformation in our digital age. While at Microsoft, he was responsible for global launch campaigns including Windows and Office. He specialises in demonstrating how a ‘Future Ready Mindset’ can help us realise our full lifetime potential and is a specialist in emerging and future online marketing techniques. In his entertaining talks, he shows how the key to long-term success lies in nurturing some surprisingly low-tech habits and reopening our minds to brilliant new possibilities.


Allister Frost is an expert in cultivating a ‘future ready’ mindset, helping audiences to understand how to embrace the new possibilities in our fast-changing world. He is also an expert in leading business transformation for our digital age, having worked as Microsoft’s first Head of Digital Marketing. While at Microsoft, he was responsible for global launch campaigns including Windows and Office and prior to this he managed Andrex and Kleenex at Kimberly-Clark.

Having made the leap from soft tissues to software, Allister has a unique perspective on how technological change affects people at work and play. He has experienced the highs and lows of business transformation and shares his insights into how to manage the point where people and technology intersect. He talks about the challenges our technology-fuelled future will bring but also the opportunities it will create for future ready organisations. 

Allister is the creator of 5 Steps to Success in a World of Change, a simple, practical framework that can give anyone a future ready mindset. He shows how to follow and react positively to change, how to give time to your beginner’s mind, and explains the merits of zagging when others zig, plus smart ways to spark an unstoppable cycle of positive change.

Now working with companies including the BBC, GE Healthcare and Vodafone, Allister examines how human progress and new technologies create fresh opportunities for growth. He explains how thinking differently can help us keep up and even accelerate beyond our competitors and speaks about change and transformation.

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