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Leo Johnson

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Head of Disruption & Innovation, PwC

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Alongside his PwC role Leo presents BBC’s Future Proofing and Hacking Capitalism. The only one of three Johnson brothers not to go into politics, he champions ‘good capitalism,’ bold leadership and partnerships with start-ups. Leo argues that Covid gives us the opportunity to check environmental, social and capital imbalances. The goal has to be inclusive growth and a triple bottom line.


Against an increasingly polarised backdrop of doomsterism or denial, Leo Johnson’s focus is on unlocking next generation leadership - turbocharging talent not just with direction, but with intent. Leo is a Visiting Business Fellow at Oxford University’s Smith School of Enterprise & Environment, lecturing on the most subscribed Masters programme at Oxford University. Leo is the presenter of a number of BBC World and Radio 4 Series on megatrends and innovation, including Down to Business, World Challenge, FutureProofing, Hacking Happiness and Hacking Capitalism. He is an adviser at PwC to the Global Centre for Transformative Leadership and PwC's Head of Disruption & Innovation.

In keynote presentations, Leo sets out the colliding mega trends affecting today's business leaders - from climate change to generative AI and geopolitical instability - and brings the future forward with radically divergent scenarios. He maps the innovation upside and strategies for navigating business disruption. But his unique perspective is on transformational leadership under conditions of disruption.

How do you as a leader counter the threat rigidity trap facing your organisation – the paradox that it’s when confronted with these threats that teams default to business as usual - and manage to unlock the leadership and transformation potential of the teams around you? With Oxford’s Smith School Leo is now leading a Research project on the Paradox of Intent - a project focused on mapping and unblocking the 12 leadership barriers to insight, intent and execution that sabotage transformation.

After Oxford and INSEAD, Leo joined the World Bank as a Resource Economist before co-founding the boutique advisory firm Sustainable Finance, since acquired by PwC Group. He is the co-Author of “Turnaround Challenge: Business & the City of the Future”, and a regular guest contributor to the FT and Judge for the FT’s Boldness in Business Awards.

Leo lives with his family in London, and is the founder of Unthinkable Drinkable Brent, an urban winemaking cooperative. 

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Leo convinces you straight away of the importance of ‘future-proofing.’ It’s no mean feat to marry business priorities with the demands of sustainability. He does it with boundless Johnson charm, positivity and real insight backed up by fascinating case studies. I’ve never seen a more entertaining and thought provoking way to set out the challenges and eye up the possible solutions. JLA Agent Christopher Morrell

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