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28 January 2020



This JLA Breakfast looked at some of the lessons in leadership, teamwork and human endeavour from astronaut and science communicator Tim Peake. With stories from his life, training, and his time in space, Tim gave an incredible insight into the decision-making and pressures, as well as some of the lighter side of life on the ISS and why space and science give us reasons for hope.

Tim Peake served as a military helicopter pilot, operating on the frontline before then undertaking humanitarian missions, training other pilots, and working as a test pilot. He joined over 9,000 other hopefuls in the European Space Agency’s astronaut selection process. After a gruelling training period that took in leadership skills, learning Russian and living underwater for 12 days, he spent six months on the International Space Station. As well as being a part of the team that maintained and monitored the ISS, his mission also focused on not just the scientific work of the Space Station but on communicating it to the public back on earth.

Tim was introduced and interviewed by Kevin Fong, emergency medic, engineer, physicist, writer and broadcaster. Specialising in risk, decision-making and innovation, Kevin trained with Nasa and advised the administration on the effects of extreme environments on the human body. He’s a part of UCL’s Emergency Response and Major Incident Planning Teams and a doctor flying with the Kent, Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance. On TV and radio he’s presented programmes covering everything from surgery to arctic exploration and recently hosted the BBC’s hit podcast 13 Minutes to the Moon.

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