26 January 2021



We heard from three expert speakers on how to deal with the pressures of working in the pandemic.

The American guru Tal Ben-Shahar taught two of Harvard’s most popular courses: Positive Psychology and The Psychology of Leadership. He’s now an entrepreneur and Chief Learning Officer. Tal will be sharing his latest work on Post Traumatic Growth: The Science of Happiness in Difficult Times.

Linda Papadopoulos is both psychologist and broadcaster, offering clear insights and advice. She works with the NHS, government and business on anything from body image to general mental health and wellbeing. Her books include Unfollow: Living Life on Your Own Terms.

After an early career as an entertainer, Paul McKenna turned his mind to hypnotherapy and personal development. He’s since helped people lose weight, overcome insomnia, eliminate stress and increase their confidence – selling more than 10 million books.

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