Paul McKenna

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Hypnotherapist, Motivational & Personal Development Expert

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The Hypnotic World of Paul McKenna was shown in 42 countries, attracting 200m viewers. He has since moved to help people exert positive influence over themselves, manage stress and addiction, and realise their potential becoming what The Times described as ‘one of the world’s most important modern gurus’.


Paul started as a DJ at Capital and Radio 1 before becoming a full time hypnotist. His TV series, The Hypnotic World of Paul McKenna, proved a huge success - attracting 200 million viewers in 42 countries. His stage show has played at venues usually reserved for rock concerts.

Paul has since extended his talents way beyond entertainment. He has built a reputation as the doyen of self help and personal development, selling millions of hypnotherapy recordings and over 10million books with titles including Stop Smoking For Good, Slim Now and Eliminate Stress. The Times referred to him as ‘one of the world’s most important modern gurus’.

Looking at how psychology affects achievement, both personal and professional, and notions of resilience, confidence and persuasion, Paul has worked extensively with organisations from BMW to the Metropolitan Police, as well as individuals to change how they think and act. He has also developed accelerated learning programmes and worked with a number of athletes.

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