Tal Ben-Shahar (US)

Tal Ben-Shahar (US)

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Combining academic research with everyday examples of life and work, Tal delivers insights into leadership, goals and purpose, self-esteem and resilience. The author of The Joy of Leadership and Happier looks at how to build anti-fragility which sees not just recovery from a crisis, but growth, with a focus on purpose, balance and reflection.


Tal Ben-Shahar is a writer, academic and entrepreneur whose focus is on areas of positive psychology, happiness and leadership. The author of a number of books on the psychology of happiness, he has also taught the most popular and third most popular courses at Harvard, Positive Psychology and The Psychology of Leadership respectively.

Having studied Organizational Behavior and Philosophy and Psychology, Tal now works to research and further understanding, in business and individual settings, of leadership, goals and purpose, self-esteem and resilience. He reflects on what crises can teach us, the importance of balancing stress with appropriate recovery, and how to work towards anti-fragility - a state of not just returning to normal after a problem but of growing.

Tal’s books include The Joy of Leadership: How Positive Psychology Can Maximize Your Impact (and Make You Happier) in a Challenging World in which he considers the key factors that create both good leadership and fulfilled leaders, overturning many long-held assumptions about those in roles of influence and examining ideas of health, relationships, purpose and engagement. Happier: Learn the Secrets to Daily Joy and Lasting Fulfillment considers the psychology behind an often dismissed and misunderstood concept – happiness, and looks at what it means and how it can be achieved. Whilst Short Cuts to Happiness: Life-Changing Lessons from My Barber sees the author recount the wisdom that comes when a working man and everyday observer of life exchanges thoughts with an academic and thinker.

Alongside his academic and writing work, Tal is the founder or co-founder of the Happiness Studies Centre (where he is also Chief Learning Officer), the Maytiv Center for the Study and Application of Positive Psychology, and Happier.TV. He is also the co-founder of Potentialife, a consultancy working with businesses to apply positive psychology to leadership and culture.

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Book written by Tal Ben-Shahar (US)
Book written by Tal Ben-Shahar (US)
Book written by Tal Ben-Shahar (US)