Regent Street Cinema


08 November 2016



This JLA Speakers Breakfast looked at the near future of tech, AI and data and how it will impact on every business.

The speakers were:

Jason Bradbury – The Gadget Show presenter calls himself a ‘first generation geek’ having grown up surrounded by tech. He considers what the AI revolution will mean for business as he chats to his own robot on stage.

Tamara Lohan – Tamara co-founded the Mr & Mrs Smith series of boutique hotel guides. The print version evolved into a hugely successful online booking and review site. Now CTO, Tamara leads both brand and technology.

Conor McNicholas – Conor was once editor of the NME. In straitened times he reinvented the magazine online and took it into live events and broadcasting. He now helps businesses use data and tech to engage, take risks and grow.



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