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From the endearing Uncle Bryn in Gavin & Stacey to his sparring with Steve Coogan in The Trip, Rob is one of the most popular entertainers on screen, whether acting or chairing competing celebrity lies.


Rob Brydon starred as Uncle Bryn in the hugely popular comedy Gavin & Stacey, joined in friendly rivalry with Steve Coogan on The Trip, and chairs Would I Lie To You. Originally a Radio Wales DJ, he first captured viewers’ imagination as Keith, the eternally optimistic chauffeur with his bittersweet, painfully comic tales in Marion and Geoff.

The one-man sitcom led to The Keith Barret Show, in which the host cheerfully delved into - and often ripped apart - his guests’ relationships. Since then he has some of the most popular comedy and panel shows on TV. His portrayal of the endlessly good-natured uncle in Gavin & Stacy made him a household name, and other credits include I'm Alan Partridge, Little Britain, Black Books, as well as the feature films 24 Hour Party People, Holmes & Watson, and Tristram Shandy: a Cock and Bull Story (which indirectly led to the The Trip). He's also been a regular on Have I Got News For You, Just A Minute and QI.

Onstage Rob is a natural entertainer and seasoned host, combining wit, song, and the occasional impression of Hollywood and Welsh legends.





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