Paul Zerdin

Paul Zerdin

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Ventriloquist & Comedian

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Paul wishes to introduce you to Baby (a precocious infant), Sam (an awkward teenager) and Albert – a belligerent pensioner. The Standard sum it up: ‘If you think the words “brilliant” and “ventriloquist” have no place in the same sentence, see Zerdin for some brutal re-education.’


Paul Zerdin is a marvellously skilled ventriloquist. He was the first outright winner of ITV’s Big, Big Talent Show - by over 100,000 votes. He repeated the trick on a grander scale winning America’s Got Talent.

Paul is joined onstage by Baby (the precocious infant), Sam (the typically awkward teen) and Albert (the belligerent pensioner). Paul’s own eagerness to please contrasts with his friends’ total lack of inhibition when it comes to saying exactly what’s on their minds.

Other vocal trickery includes Paul departing the stage leaving Sam to carry on without him, and recruiting a member of the audience and turning them into the puppet.

Paul has helped push ventriloquism into the 21st century with wit and inventiveness. A regular at comedy festivals around the world, he has also appeared on the Royal Variety Performance, and his America’s Got Talent win sees him headlining a Las Vegas show.

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