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With a healthy contempt for most forms of exertion, Ian’s French has barely improved since he moved his family there. But he has published C’est Modnifique! Adventures of an English Grump in Rural France. Ian frequently sneaks home for comedy gigs and guest appearances on Fighting Talk.


With a contempt for most forms of physical exertion, Ian’s laid-back delivery is both natural and endearing. His style has made a mark on the live circuit, particularly at London's famous Comedy Store, and touring with the likes of Lee Evans and Jack Dee.

Ian's take on the world strikes a deep chord - whether he’s pointing out the problems of using the wrong vocabulary in a German branch of Pizza Hut, confessing his uncontrollable urge to tidy up the shelves at Primark or revealing his near-pathological hatred of open-toed footwear. His ability to find humour in almost any subject is frequently showcased on Radio 5Live’s Fighting Talk.

Alongside Jimmy Carr, Ian made such an impact in the sell-out Britcom show at Montreal’s Just For Laughs that he was invited to headline the festival's finale. Despite his popularity in Canada and Britain, he actually spends much of his time in France - where he’s little understood.

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Ian is proving an utterly safe pair of hands. I’ve seen him charm and entertain a big room as well as, if not better than any ‘celebrity’ comic. Sometimes it can be tense watching a corporate audience watching someone they don’t know – with Ian, the client and I were completely relaxed throughout. JLA Agent Harvey Coulson

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