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Ben Shephard

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Ben was part of the original team that launched The X Factor, hosting three seasons of the award-winning Xtra Factor on ITV2. He presents the gameshow Tipping Point and is a co-anchor on Good Morning Britain. 


Ben Shephard Ben co-anchors ITV’s Good Morning Britain, hosts Tipping Point, and presents Ninja Warrior UK. He was part of the original team that launched The X Factor, hosting the award-winning Xtra Factor. His television credits include hosting Goals on Sunday, 1vs100, Safebreakers, Behind the Magic of Harry Potter, and One Night Only with Rod Stewart.

He published his debut book, Humble Heroes: Inspirational Stories of Hope, Heart and Humanity, and launched Kammy’s and Ben’s Proper Football Podcast with Chris Kamara.

Ben dedicates much of his free time to working with charities, which has led him to complete fourteen marathons, run across the UK twice, and climb Mount Kilimanjaro in the past decade.

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