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Street Magician

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Street magician Troy has won fans and amazed people worldwide with his combination of close-hand skills, superior illusions, original set ups and laid-back style.


Magician Troy combines a likeable personality, incredible sleight of hand skills, and an imagination for original and intriguing set ups to deliver a modern take on magic.

Inspired by David Blaine, south Londoner Troy Von Scheibner started practising tricks, joined the The Young Magicians Club at 13, and was named Young Close-up Magician of the Year at 15. His ability combined with laid-back street style has marked him out as part of a new generation of magicians.

Troy’s eponymous E4 series saw him leave the public awe-struck as he made phones appear inside mirrors and drinks change colour. He pulled items through windows, balanced bikes and skateboards on their wheels, and changed an Arsenal fan’s shirt into a Spurs one. His one-off TV special Troy: Cyber Hijack saw him combine close-up magic and larger illusions with technology, breaking passwords and creating unflattering adverts from unsuspecting selfie-takers.

With close-hand skill, ‘mind reading’, an element of mischief and a love of surprising people, Troy’s incredible tricks take their inspiration from everyday phrases, popular stories and films.

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