The Noise Next Door

The Noise Next Door

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Improv Troupe

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TNND invite audience suggestions, conjure musical masterpieces from thin air and cultivate what one Telegraph critic claims is ‘a superior kind of chaos.’ Credits include Fast and Loose, Secret Interview and Radio 4’s Sketchorama – and a 24 hour Edinburgh show kept going by nocturnal tweets.


The Noise Next Door is a rapidly rising and distinctly talented sketch and improvisation troupe. After inviting audience suggestions of themes, products and places, they conjure up off-the-cuff musical masterpieces that leave guests in awe. The Telegraph call it ‘a superior kind of chaos.’

TNND are already a popular top-of-the-bill act on the comedy circuit and an established name at Edinburgh. Their latest 24-hour Fringe show was
kept going through the night by tweets from a growing army of followers.

In matching black shirts and bright ties, Charlie, Sam, Matt and the two Toms have supported the likes of Harry Hill and Ed Byrne. Broadcast credits to date include
Fast and Loose, Secret Interview and Radio 4’s Sketchorama.

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I discovered this bunch at Edinburgh, the stand-out act in a strong year. Their quick wit can’t fail to impress - so it wasn’t surprising when they left the Real Variety Show audience wanting more. They’re fun, young, attention-grabbing and…. perhaps a little bit genius. JLA Agent Ella O'Kane

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