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Victorian Illusionists

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Describing themselves as Victorian time-travelling tricksters, Morgan & West combine humour, magic and vaudevillie.


Morgan & West describe themselves as Victorian time-travelling tricksters. With traditional English (or in Mr Morgan’s case Welsh) panache, the duo combine humour and inexplicable feats of magic into a unique and very contemporary take on the era of the music hall.

Sporting cravats, impressive facial hair and with a liking for Earl Grey (the tea, not the earl), Rhys Morgan and Robert West entertain and amaze. The pair met at Oxford University and came together over a shared love of performing and prestidigitation. They also formed the Oxford University Sartorial Appreciation Society & Waistcoat Owners Club which proved slightly less successful.

With new twists on old tricks Morgan & West have toured the world with their vaudevillian-style shows. They have been assisted on stage by Paloma Faith and have appeared on TV shows including Penn & Teller: Fools Us, The Slammer, and The Next Great Magician.

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