Keelan Leyser (US)

Keelan Leyser (US)

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As Britain’s first iPad magician, Keelan manipulates images and reaches inside the tablet to retrieve real objects. For presentations the coding expert can sync multiple iPads, video screens and mapping to deliver complex messages. For parties it’s close-up magic or a remarkable quick change illusion show.


Award-winning magician Keelan Leyser has performed in over 60 counties and on over 100 TV shows around the world. He’s performed for royalty and stars of stage and screen and has been one of the most viewed magic videos on YouTube.

As well as astounding feats of close-hand and quick-change magic, Keelan is also the UK’s only iPad magician. With a range of tricks which sees him manipulate images, reach ‘into’ the tablet to retrieve real items, and use it change the appearance of objects, Keelan can also design bespoke tricks featuring company logos, products and tag lines.

Keelan is also a keynote note speaking blending his state of the art digital illusion with the psychology of how a magician's mind works. He brings a different angle to the themes of imagination, creativity, and breaking through barriers to practical innovation.

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