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Chris admits he can’t read minds. Instead he employs magic, psychology, body language, influencing skills and plain lying to make us think he knows just what we’re thinking. According to the Time Out critic, the star of the hit West End show Impossible ‘does tricks that would make Jesus proud.’


Billed at a mind reader who can’t read minds, Chris is making a huge name for himself as a popular performer combining chat, magic, psychology, body language, influencing, and lying.

Chris became interested in magic at the age of six, when he received a Paul Daniels Magic Set as a gift. There followed a wasted childhood playing with tricks, but he’s finally used what he learnt to his advantage to manipulate and deceive and make himself seem cooler than he actually is.

A confident and charismatic performer, Chris makes audiences think he knows what they’re thinking, despite never knowing what they’re thinking, or being able to really do anything he claims. This self-depreciation has not held him back with five acclaimed Edinburgh shows, three UK tours and three West End shows to his still youthful name.

Without any interference from him, people have willingly described him as ‘one of the most exciting entertainers in Britain’ (the Guardian), that ‘he does tricks that would make Jesus proud… Loveable, geeky and deceptively talented,’ (Time Out) and The Times said he’s ‘stunning’ and ‘leaves other magicians scratching their heads.’ Chris has starred in BBC Three’s Killer Magic, alongside some of the world’s biggest names in magic and illusion in the international stage shows Impossible and The Illusionists, and has even worked on creative projects with Heston Blumenthal and The Fat Duck.

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