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Musical Impressionist

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Combining a gift for both singing, impersonation and comedy Jess delivers a unique performance bringing some of the best-known musical divas of all time (and some celebrities less known for their singing talents) to the stage, often delivering quite unexpected songs.


Jess Robinson is an impressionist unlike almost any other. As well as jokes and conventional impersonations, this acclaimed vocal gymnast recreates the performances and vocal power of some of the world’s best-known musical divas.

Classically-trained Jess combines a talent for all musical genres from jazz to R&B to showtunes with an uncanny ability to emulate some of the most recognisable singers in the history of recorded music. In performances she effortlessly moves from Judy Garland to Bjork, Amy Winehouse to Nicki Minaj, Lily Allen to Kate Bush.

A “naturally funny and almost scarily self-assured all-round performer” according to the Telegraph, Jess not only emulates classic performers but also pairs well-known songs with unexpected voices. As well as being accompanied by keyboards or a full band, she can also bring along her Wheels of Sixty Four Tunes which randomly selects both the song and the singer (meaning Marlene Dietrich could end up singing Pharrell’s Happy.)

Away from comedy Jess took the lead in the touring version of The Rise and Fall of Little Voice. She provides voices for ITV’s satirical animation show Newzoids, and has appeared in Murder in Successville and Rory Bremner’s Election Report. She has also cropped up on The One Show, Dead Ringers, The Now Show, Horrible Histories, and The Impressions Show with Culshaw and Stephenson. In addition she’s provided voices for video games, radio drama and adverts.

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