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A pair of IT professionals turned comedians, Lloyd Henning and Peter Sutton together are Foxdog Studios. Using dozens of screens, wires, electronic pads and the audience’s phones, their performance is for the tech-savvy, combining interactive games, home-made gadgets, improvised songs and comedy, and has been described as hilariously innovative.


Described as the Kraftwerk of comedy, Foxdog Studios are an innovative melding of technology, music, and comedy. The award-winning duo of former IT consultants Lloyd and Peter have invented their own genre of performance; a mash-up of tech-heavy comedy, assorted home-made gadgets, audience participation and improvised songs.

Foxdog combine comic routines, bizarre technology, and interactive games to create a show unlike any other. The pair introduce the sausage canon, musical blenders, DIY toy cars, along with assorted sensors, musical instruments, and screens. They provide the tools for interactive games which see audiences involved in things like drawing game characters on their phones whilst the hosts pit sections of the room against each other and indulge in slightly awkward, nerdy conversation. Foxdog also perform Robo Bingo, an interactive, smartphone powered, new side of bingo. Expect robots, comedy, and light-hearted gambling.

Despite the array of homemade tech, screens and wires, the technology almost always works. And on the odd occasion it doesn’t, Lloyd and Peter are ready with a well-crafted line or eccentric song. Described by Time Out as hi-tech wizardry, Foxdog have featured in WIRED magazine and have won the Chortle Award for Innovation.

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