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First Winner, The Apprentice

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Tim left his job at London Underground to take part in The Apprentice, and went on to work for Alan Sugar for three years. He has since founded a social enterprise aimed at helping others from disadvantaged backgrounds with access to start- up finance and mentors. In speeches he attacks negative thinking, arguing that opportunities will always exist for those with confidence and perseverance.


Tim Campbell came to public attention by winning the reality show, The Apprentice. He was catapulted into a world very different from his previous job at London Underground, but unlike others who attempted to make the most of their fifteen minutes of fame, Tim stayed with Alan Sugar for nearly three years. He ran Amstrad’s foray into the health and beauty market.

Then after commissioning a study amongst unemployed 16 to 29 year olds, Tim decided to form the Bright Ideas Trust. The research revealed that thousands of young people want to start their own business but lack the advice, encouragement, and investment needed to get started. They think that business is done by ‘somebody else.’ This became his mission.

In presentations Tim confronts the negative mentality head on, arguing that opportunities will always exist for those with confidence, good planning, perseverance and the ability to build relationships. He believes that everyone should have the mindset of an entrepreneur.

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