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Sue Nelson

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Host, Space Boffins

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The science, technology and engineering journalist and broadcaster once applied to be an astronaut and investigated the banks’ security. She has looked at subjects from the unsung women pioneers of the space race to the NHS's IT programme.



Sue Nelson is an award-winning broadcaster and journalist well known as the co-host of the Space Boffins podcast. The former BBC Science, Environment & Technology correspondent's mixture of expertise, humour and sharp insight makes her a popular voice across a range of science-related subject matter. She is also the author of the award-winning Wally Funk’s Race for Space, an intimate and original portrait of the pioneering woman aviator and her experience in the early days of the US space race.

Sue has written, presented and produced a number of BBC radio documentaries. She has worked on projects including Window on the Universe, Hey Sisters Sew Sisters (a revealing look at the seamstresses who produced the space suits for the Apollo 11 mission), Before I Go (a silver award-winner for Best BBC Documentary), Material World, Citizen Scientist, and Wiring the NHS (an examination of the NHS’s IT programme). She also presents the Create the Future podcast for the Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering.

Sue has won an Association of British Science Writers award, several New York Festivals International Radio Programme awards, and a BT Technology Journalism of the Year award. Away from broadcasting, Sue has undertaken a Zero G flight, performed as a standup comedian, written a musical drama for Radio 2, and co-authored (with her husband and fellow science broadcaster Richard Hollingham) How to Clone the Perfect Blonde, a look at how science is making science fiction a potential reality.

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