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Steve Cram CBE

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‘The Jarrow Arrow’

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Steve was a track legend at 1500m and 2000m. He’s since become a polished commentator, served as Britain’s Olympics athletics representative and founded the Marathon of the North. Steve offers his account of a previous golden era of British athletics.


A legend on the track alongside Seb Coe and Steve Ovett, Steve Cram competed at the top level during a period of unprecedented success in British athletics. He won silver at the Los Angeles Olympics, and six gold medals at Commonwealth, World and European Championships. He broke world records at 1500m, 2000m and Mile distances.

Since retiring Steve has forged a career in journalism and sports administration. He is the BBC’s chief athletics commentator and writes extensively in the national press. He is also a key part of the BBC’s Olympics coverage team.

Steve’s presentations focus on the nature of success. He admits to realising late in his career that talent was only part of the formula, not the be-all and end-all. What unites athletes is their work ethic and their attention to the small details. Steve explains how the rigour of an athlete’s training regime can be applied to any area of life to achieve positive results.

As the athletics representative on the British Olympic Committee, Steve was a key player in the bid for London 2012. He is also Chair of the English Institute of Sport and a member of the Lottery Awards Panel for Sport.





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