Martina Navratilova (US)

Martina Navratilova (US)

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Tennis Legend

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When she defected from Czechoslovakia to the US, Martina was set on becoming the top female tennis player in the world. She achieved more tournament titles than any man or woman in history, enjoyed a 74-match winning streak and claimed a final Grand Slam at the age of 49. She’s now a powerful voice for diversity. In speeches Martina explains that true competitors aren’t put off by boundaries: “Most of their pressures are self-imposed.”


By the time she retired, Martina Navratilova had secured more tournament titles than any man or woman in tennis history, winning at least one tour event for 21 consecutive years. She picked up 9 Wimbledon singles titles and enjoyed two unrivalled winning streaks: 74 singles matches and 109 in doubles alongside Pam Shriver.

When she defected from Czechoslovakia to the United States in 1975, Navratilova had one goal - to be the best women's tennis player in the world. With legendary determination, natural talent and hard work, Martina achieved her goal.

She still competes on the Legends Tennis Tour and plays in exhibitions around the world, as well as commentating for BT Sport and the BBC. Away from sport altogether she has also become a successful author of thrillers, including Killer Instinct co-written with Liz Nickles.

In addition to presentations sharing her secrets on the key to being a champion, Martina is an influential advocate for women's issues, children, animal welfare and the environment.

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