Stephen Mason

Stephen Mason

Specialist Barrister


Stephen went into law after a period as a bomb disposal expert. He now serves on the IT panel of the General Bar Council and heads up the Digital Evidence Research Programme. Stephen believes that, like every new frontier, the networked world is inherently lawless. He offers advice on ‘e-risks’ from interception of communications and hacking to the need to encrypt customer data and ensure you have the contractual right to access company information held on private devices.


Every new frontier we discover is inherently lawless, and the networked world is no different. Technology is having a profound effect on the way in which business is conducted, and therefore the risks to which it is exposed.

Stephen Mason is a barrister specialising in electronic evidence, authentication, security and internet use - including interception and monitoring of communications. He sits on the IT Panel of the General Bar Council of England and Wales, and heads the Digital Evidence Research Programme.

Stephen entered the law after a nine year career in bomb disposal. He now provides preventative legal advice to national and international companies in e-business and e-risks. Publications include a set of e-commerce precedents for lawyers, and the book E-Mail, Networks and the Internet: A Concise Guide to Compliance with the Law.

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