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Stephanie Hare

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Technologist & Researcher

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With a career that has taken in foreign policy research, tech company strategy, consultancy research and journalism, Stephanie is uniquely placed to consider the wide-ranging implications of living through a technological revolution. Looking at both the historical and political precedents, she considers what past upheavals have to teach us about AI, data privacy, policy making, cybersecurity and all aspects of the commercial and social future.


Former Director at Accenture Research, Stephanie Hare is a political risk analyst, historian and researcher in technology. Stephanie frequently writes editorials for the Financial Times and is a regular commentator on BBC World News, BBC World Service and Radio 4 analysing matters from China’s Huawei scandal, to cryptocurrencies, to the gender pay gap.

Stephanie has worked as an analyst at foreign policy advisory Oxford Analytica, where she conducted analysis into the euro crisis, which was covered by the BBC. She later worked as a strategist at the US software company Palantir, until she became Principal Director of Research at Accenture. Looking at technology through political and historical lenses, Stephanie’s research includes the effects of EU data protection on global companies, the ethical implications of data mining and AI, the challenges to policy making and the risks of a global technological revolution.

With an understanding of both the policy and the engineering sides of technology, in her talks Stephanie draws from a range of perspectives to cover the multilayered questions about the future. She covers everything from biometrics and AI in HR, digital footprints and the 'datafication' of children’s identity to consensus in policy-making, spending on cybersecurity and accountability. As in her book, Technology Is Not Neutral: A Short Guide to Technology Ethics, she also expertly provides a practical overview of how to create and use tools and technologies to maximize benefits and minimize harm.


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