Sixten Korkman (Finland)

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Professor of Practice in Economics, Helsinki

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Sixten served as head of the General Secretariat of the European Union Council for ten years, in charge of budget, economic, employment and social affairs. He is the author of Economic Policy in the European Union, an analysis of those policies, how they’ve evolved and where they’re headed. Sixten describes a fragile Eurozone – banks unwilling to expand credit, continuing austerity and recovery hampered by the uncertainty surrounding Portugal, Italy and Greece. He borrows a quote to explain the problem: “Politicians know what to do, but not how to get re-elected if they do it.”


Sixten Korkman is a leading economist specialising in the European and Nordic economies. He is the MD of the Finnish Economic Development Policy Forum (EVA - akin to the UK’s CBI) and Professor of Practice in Economics at Helsinki University.

A career academic, Sixten originally qualified as a professor of psychology before focusing on economics and political science. He has served as Director General of both the Economic Department of the Finnish Ministry of Finance, and of the Secretariat of the Council of the European Union.

Sixten’s acclaimed book, Economic Policy in the European Union, is an important analysis of the EU’s economic policies, how they’ve evolved, where they’re headed, and the internal market more generally. He critically examines EU intervention, legal and policy institutions, and the decision-making processes.

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