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Foreign Editor, The Economist

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Robert’s reported from 90 countries, and lived in six. He has also served as Business Editor, US Editor and Africa Editor of the respected weekly news magazine. He's published The Shackled Continent, exploring how Africa could grow rich, and Borderless Economics, a look at what the world gains from migration. Robert speaks about the interdependancy of global politics and business, the fragility of supply chains, and how American technology affects Indian politics.


Robert Guest is The Economist’s Foreign Editor and has reported from more than 90 countries and lived in six. He was previously the US Editor, leading the magazine’s American coverage, and the Business Editor. He has also served as its Washington correspondent, "Lexington" columnist and Africa Editor.

A winner of numerous international awards, Robert constantly interviews political and business leaders and follows key developments from Brussels to Beijing and from Bangalore to the Bay Area. He also draws on the expertise of The Economist's global network of correspondents to keep abreast of the underlying trends that drive the news. 

In speeches, Robert discusses his thoughts on geopolitics and the global economy, illustrated with anecdotes and real-world examples from the dozen or so countries he visits each year. He may examine what effects China's global supply chains, how American technology affects Indian politics, or how the coming year's headlines might affect your industry.

Before joining The Economist, Robert was the Tokyo correspondent for the Daily Telegraph, and prior to that he was based in South Korea. He is the author of The Shackled Continent, a book that tries to explain how Africa could become richer; and Borderless Economics: Chinese Sea Turtles, Indian Fridges and the New Fruits of Global Capitalism, which describes how migration makes the world brainier.

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The breadth of Robert's insight is so impressive. When I last saw him he pulled together anecdotes and analysis on the US, China and Russia – then related their economic policies to the situation in the UK. It made for some striking (and entertaining) contrasts. He takes big and contentious issues and explores their impact in a way that’s immediately relevant and engaging. JLA Agent Millie Thomas

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