Rt Hon Lord (Norman) Lamont PC

Rt Hon Lord (Norman) Lamont PC

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Former Chancellor of the Exchequer

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Norman Lamont occupied No.11 in the 1990s, later described as the most effective Chancellor since the war. As well as reporting on the housing crisis with the Lords’ Economic Select Committee, Norman is now the UK Trade Envoy to Iran, in which he has long-standing expertise; he regards it as the biggest opportunity since the downfall of the Soviet Union. Norman has also represented the UK in official ‘war games’ on the aftermath of the EU referendum.


Norman Lamont was Chancellor of the Exchequer during the last recession, presiding over the withdrawal of sterling from the Exchange Rate Mechanism and what quickly became known as Black Wednesday. He has since been described by the economist Sir Alan Walters as “not only the most effective, but also the bravest Chancellor since the war.”

Originally an investment banker with NM Rothschild, Lamont spent twenty five years in the Commons, serving in the Cabinet under both Margaret Thatcher and John Major. As Chancellor, he appointed the 26 year-old David Cameron as his special advisor.

In speeches Lamont charts the course of recession and recovery, looking at the likely events, policies and deciding factors to come. As well as considering the outlook in the US and Asia, after his eventful experiences with Europe he now considers how Brexit might play out despite the very many unknowns. He expects a slow-down and some pain whilst matters are settled and uncertainty is managed. He also combines these insights with lighter anecdotes from a life in Parliament when speaking after dinner.

Since leaving the Commons Lord Lamont has held directorships with RAB Capital, Balli and Phorm. He is Chairman of the British Romanian and British Iranian Chambers of Commerce.

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