Scott Seaborn

Scott Seaborn

Digital Transformation Director, Collinson & Creative Technologist


As Ogilvy’s Head of Mobile technologies Scott won a host of creative and ad awards with campaigns that became customer favourites before founding his own specialist agency. With loyalty card providers Aimia and customer engagement company Collinson he has helped a raft of companies understand their customers better, respond to their requirements faster, and create mutually beneficial relationships via mobile devices. As well as examining technological solutions to business problems Scott also looks at the risks and rewards of adopting new strategies.


Scott Seaborn is Digital Transformation Director at Collinson, the leading global customer engagement company. Prior to joining the company he was Global Mobile Strategy Director for Aimia, the world’s largest retail loyalty company which incorporated Nectar and Air Miles as well a scores of other schemes around the world. He previously served as Head of Mobile Technologies at Ogilvy Group where his work for a huge range of clients won more than 20 advertising and creative awards.

Starting out in the early days of mobile advertising (in a time before Android and iOS) Scott has seen and led the world of mobile from gimmicky ad platform to the dominant method of going online and an essential tool to everyday life.

Having originally produced interactive games and videos to promote brands, Scott moved into areas that provide useful information and advance customer and brand relationships. By viewing the mobile as a unique device that most people have by their side 23 out of 24 hours a day he took advantage of the huge opportunities for interaction as well as feedback offered by GPS, cameras, speaker, touch control and gyroscope.

After his work on groundbreaking digital campaigns, Scott then founded his own mobile-focused agency before joining Aimia where he effectively helped reinvent their business. As they saw their market impacted by a new wave of digital retail, discount and voucher operations, he developed a platform that provided a platform for all of the Aimia’s brands. At Collinson as with Aimia, Scott married key brands to customer’s lives through mobile data and tailored user interfaces. Collinson work with companies from Mastercard to UBS to Microsoft to develop apps that inform and assist customers whilst providing valuable insight and real-time interaction.

Scott understands the huge potential of technology to develop relationships with customers and partners and how enmeshed people’s lives have become with the digital world. In presentations he shows how every business and sector can harness digital technology to engender loyalty. He considers the power it has to change a business, make processes more efficient, and solve long-standing problems. He also analyses the short-term risks of such changes against the long-term risk of not adopting them and the leadership strategies required.

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Perfectly appropriate for both up-to-the-minute techies and pencil-and-paper types, Scott quickly wins the audience’s respect with live demos and great video shorts. Above all he has a knack for holding onto the ‘human’ in a world of seemingly limitless technological possibilities – reminding us to focus on the useful and ‘personable’ as well as the spellbinding. JLA Agent Millie Thomas

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