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Scott Seaborn

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Digital Transformation

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From working in the early days of mobile advertising, to award-winning projects at Ogilvy, and reinventing the data business of Aimia (the world’s largest loyalty card platform) Scott has always operated at the intersection of technology, transformation and people. He looks at what change is, how organisations cope with it, and what they can do to ensure they keep up, embed innovation, and understand their customers and the wider world.


Scott Seaborn is a digital transformation expert, having moved from the early days of mobile advertising and through a range of customer interaction and digital strategy roles. He has helped a range of businesses tackle change and the digital world with positions at advertising giant Ogilvy, Aimia (the owners of loyalty systems encompassing millions of customers globally, including the Nectar card) and international consultancy firm Wipro.

Starting out in mobile advertising in a time before Android and iOS, Scott has witnessed and led the world of mobile from gimmicky ad platform to the dominant method of interaction, going online and an essential tool to everyday life. As Head of Mobile Technologies at Ogilvy Group, his work for a huge range of clients won more than 20 advertising and creative awards. At Aimia he helped reinvent the business by creating a platform for all of the company’s brands that married customer data with their mobile data.

As well as the wealth of technological change and opportunity, Scott delves into how businesses can understand those changes, and what to do to respond. By examining the nature of change throughout history, he entertainingly looks at humanity’s development from cave-dweller to their obsessive use of smartphones. He then looks at the context of whatever change a business has to deal with, and follows that with a simple to implement process of how to solve the problem and embed on-going innovation into an organisation.

Steeped in both digital and transformation, Scott looks at how companies, people and technology come together. As well as considering how businesses can embrace the digital and reinvent themselves for a new era, he also looks at some of the key technological changes that are to come, from what new hardware will do, to the interconnection of our digital profiles, applications of AI to our expectations as consumers. He examines how innovation works (and doesn’t work) and the challenges businesses face.

Scott's role at oursourcing company Capita, and previously at global consulting and technology company Wipro, has seen him help all types of businesses realise the power of technology and draw together diverse systems under a single, digital operation. He is also the co-founder of a charitable tech project that aims to use AI and the power of personal stories to help those feeling isolated and alone.

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Perfectly appropriate for both up-to-the-minute techies and pencil-and-paper types, Scott quickly wins the audience’s respect with live demos and great video shorts. Above all he has a knack for holding onto the ‘human’ in a world of seemingly limitless technological possibilities – reminding us to focus on the useful and ‘personable’ as well as the spellbinding. JLA Agent Siobhan Jackman

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