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Service, Change and Culture Expert

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For over two decades Ron has helped clients including Singapore Airlines, Xerox, and Nokia Siemens to change their culture and focus on the service they offer. Having first helped the Singaporean government to radically change their entire workforce he now delivers energetic, engaging presentations all over the world to organisations who want to excel in service.


Ron Kaufman is a speaker and consultant specialising in improving service, renewing leadership and changing culture. For over 20 years he’s helped organisations from multinationals to government agencies to deliver real, sustainable change though his unique analysis of service and culture.

Whilst at college in his native US, Ron started out on the somewhat unconventional route of establishing the national, and then world Frisbee championships. It provided him with fundamental ideas about building a community, making a great proposition, and delivering an exceptional offering. After college he travelled, ending up in Singapore with a commission to help the government transform the city-state’s entire workforce.

Over the years Singapore had seen its traditional manufacturing base eroded by rivals like China. Ron and others helped transform the workforce by training key people to become service providers. They took what they had learned, disseminated it, and Singapore is now one of the world’s leading locations for financial, logistics and other services.

Ron looks at what service is, how a culture is engendered, and the role of leaders. By examining the customer experience - moving from substandard, through the minimum expected, to improved and exceptional, he gets audiences to question how their organisation works. He also points out that customers constantly move down this ladder so that what was exceptional quickly becomes expected. Organisations need to constantly stay one step ahead and can only do so by integrating service throughout their culture.

Looking at examples as diverse as Singapore’s Changi airport to Pizza Hut, Ron considers more broadly an organisation’s offering, from their product or service, to how it’s delivered and how a relationship is built and maintained.

With seemingly limitless energy and enthusiasm, Ron focuses on teaching rather than just explaining how to improve. By doing so, those hearing his speeches or attending his workshops can take tangible ideas and processes away to teach their colleagues and embed change. By engaging an audience and breaking down concepts into simple messages he makes huge shifts achievable.

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