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Geoff Burch

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Business Author & Presenter

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In his early career Geoff was often thought of as a disruptive influence; today they say ‘change agent’. In Self Made Me he considers how virtually any SME can be successful – even in troubled times. Slaying a sacred cow or two in a very entertaining speech, he believes we’ve had enough of ‘soaring with eagles’. Geoff provides empirical data, hard facts to convert into improving the business: “Finding and keeping customers is the only activity that matters.”


Geoff Burch is hailed as the alternative business guru. Once described as a disruptive influence, he is now seen as an agent for change. He is hugely in demand as a consultant and lecturer, as well as speaking at conferences and advising companies on a variety of business practices. He is the author of the highly regarded book on sales Resistance is Useless.

He was the presenter of BBC2’s All Over the Shop, where he helped British retailers rediscover the power of good customer service, and helped them to thrive on the High Street.

With characteristic irreverence and humour, Geoff tears apart many business taboos. He combines the quick wit of a comedian with the thoughtfulness of a psychoanalyst to ensure his message gets through.  

Geoff explains the value and power of persuasion - a verbal martial art that if used correctly will always give you the outcome you desire in your business dealings and leave you with a customer who will come back again and again. He looks at how everything from sales and negotiation to customer care can be improved, illustrating his points with examples that will become fixed in your memory. Most importantly, he encourages audiences to embrace change with a real sense of excitement.

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Book written by Geoff Burch
Book written by Geoff Burch