Randi Zuckerberg (US)

Randi Zuckerberg (US)

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Former Facebook Marketing Director

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Facebook's Marketing Director for six years, Randi helped to expand the social media giant from niche service to global network leading developments including Facebook Live. Particularly active in working to widen access to the digital world and STEM learning, her projects have run from children’s books to restaurant businesses to radio shows. She shares insights and real-world scenarios of how social media has changed the world, how to deal with it, and why inclusivity is vital to future success.


Randi Zuckerberg served as Facebook's Marketing Director for six years before starting her own digital consultancy business. In her time at the social media giant, she led development of Facebook Live and election and political coverage and strategy. Randi works with more than twenty early and mid-stage companies as an investor and advisor and sits on the board of directors for The Motley Fool and Life360. She is the CEO of HUG, a Web3 social curation platform, which is committed to embracing Web3 creators and building a more diverse and inclusive ecosystem.

After leaving Facebook Randi founded a company aiming to join up politicians, traditional news outlets and social media. She went on to establish Zuckerberg Media with the goal of helping girls and children from under-privileged areas into tech and science. Her work to open up access to and understanding of the digital world has also included founding Sue’s Tech Kitchen, which sees innovative tech-themed dining where families can enjoy 3D printed marshmallows, edible selfies, and pancake-making robots. She has also written the children’s book Dot, about a little girl living in a connected world, and provided the voice of one of the characters in the US network TV adaptation.

Randi is the author of Pick Three: You Can Have It All, a look at how in times of competing priorities in life and work, the best way to achieve is to focus on three aspects and, rather than be well-balanced, be ‘well-lop-sided’. In her book Dot Complicated - How to Make it Through Life Online in One Piece, Randi delivers a guide to the often-overwhelming new world of digital looking at the opportunities, challenges and changes required. Dot Complicated is also the title of her business show on international radio station SiriusXM.

As well as working to widen access to technology and STEM learning and make the digital world more inclusive and comprehensible Randi has served on the United Nations Global Entrepreneurs Council, the World Economic Forum’s Global Council on Social Media and the US Broadcasting Board of Governors Commission on Innovation. She is an active angel investor, particularly in companies founded and run by women, and an Emmy nominee for her work combining TV and online election coverage.

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Book written by Randi Zuckerberg (US)
Book written by Randi Zuckerberg (US)