Rainer Hersch

Rainer Hersch

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Conductor & Entertainer

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Rainer is an accomplished conductor, a stand-up comedian and an expert on the correlation between leading an orchestra and running an organisation. He is also a self-styled classical music hooligan. In cabaret he takes audiences on a myth-defying journey from Dvorak’s New World Symphony to Carmina Burana, and other great tunes from adverts.


Rainer Hersch is a seriously talented conductor, motivator and entertainer. He tackles the difficult questions head-on, like 'What do conductors actually do?'

In presentations and workshops, Rainer compares the role of orchestral conductor to that of a leader in any organisation. He or she needs to gain the trust and respect of the players (as individuals and in groups) to maintain authority. Instead of reacting to the music, or the players, he leads them – especially through moments of change. And, as the only person who has the full musical score (ie all the facts), he has to support each individual, encourage them to listen to one another and inspire them perform as a single, harmonious unit.

Extending the metaphor, Rainer also looks at lessons in teamwork and the importance of working together. Something he also explores in larger workshop sessions involving participants joining in with the orchestra with an records, percussion, clapping or singing.

In cabaret, Rainer is a self-styled classical music hooligan. Whether performing solo or accompanied by a gifted but slightly eccentric orchestra, he takes the audience on a hilarious musical odyssey. Along the way he demolishes myths and lampoons such greats as the William Tell Overture and Dvorak's New World Symphony.

The show climaxes with a rendition of Carmina Burana, known to the cognoscenti as one of the greatest advertising tunes of all time. Rainer encourages the audience to join in, singing complete gibberish at the top of their voices. This results in a sound remarkably close to the original.

Orchestral performances can include a participative element, in which three carefully selected audience members are invited onto the podium to try their hand conducting instantly recognisable tunes – usually with
unrecognisable results.

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